A Man of Letters

In the 17th and 18th Centuries, being a Man of Letters meant something. Being a Man of Letters distinguished a man as being educated and literate in a world that was only beginning to enter the Age of Enlightenment. Perhaps it meant you were ahead of the curve.

It was a term of intelligence and commitment and a pursuit of education.

All things that I would like for my boys.

But I want so much more than that for them, too.

I want them to be Men of Honor.  I want them to be Men of Integrity.  Men of Truth, and Courage, and even Men Among Men.

Above all, I want them to be Men of God.

And so to hopefully encourage them or guide them or just simply to remind them, these are my letters for them.
Ashley Harris Wife & Mother

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by examples of good, Godly men and so I've grown up with strong impressions of what a man is and how a man should care for himself and his family.

In an effort to make my sons the kind of men that their Daddy, their grandfathers, & their great-grandfathers could be proud of, I try to pass along pieces of advice that seem to have gotten lost in today's world where Men are absent or undervalued.